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What are sustainability funds?

Sustainability Funds has been a strategy that social justice movements have used for centuries as part of grassroots fundraising for people to have control over their campaigns. We felt the need to introduce them because we know that the organizing work we do in Thrive is vital and having funds from Thrivers will help sustain our vision and movement. Grassroots fundraising is important because this means that we don’t have to depend solely on foundation funding to build our movement, which may in turn limit our campaign work. Through grassroots fundraising, we can direct our own campaigns and make sure that they meet our principles and goals of dismantling systems of oppression.

Who came up with the idea to pay sustainability funds?

The introduction of sustainability funds was initiated by Zalaka and Chinara, two frontline leaders in Philly Thrive. Them presenting sustainability funds is a way to take ownership of the organization. This way of fundraising has been historically pushed forward by members who are directly affected by systemic injustice. As Thrivers, we follow the leadership of members who are most affected by environmental injustice.

Who pays sustainability funds?

Sustainability funds are highly encouraged to active members within Thrive. Members in Coordinating Circles and Action Circles, as well as members who come to assemblies and have participated in Leadership Trainings. If more than one household member is part of Philly Thrive, then the household can make one payment per month. 

How much are sustainability funds?

They are based on a sliding scale of $3 - $10. This means that you can choose to pay any amount from the lowest being $3 to the highest being $10. If you choose to, you can also give more than $10.

What are some ways to pay?

Currently, there are three options on how to contribute:

1) You can make your payment in cash at our monthly Movement Assemblies

2) You can pay through our website. Click here to be directed to our "Become a Sustainer" page. On that page you can decide how much to give. This amount will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on a monthly basis.

3) You can write a check made payable to “Philly Thrive” and have it sent to 4840 Walton Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19143 or give it to Patrick Ammerman at the Movement Assembly.

What if I can’t pay?

Philly Thrive relies on volunteer power. We understand that, while some members have capacity to pay sustainability funds on a monthly basis, this may not be possible for all members. All of Thrive’s members contribute to the movement in valuable and powerful ways: members give energy and passion towards organizing, outreaching, strategizing, and building our movement. We all have ownership and love for our work. This is why, although sustainability funds are highly encouraged as a way for Thrive members to support our movement work, it does not serve as a barrier to join the movement. No one will be turned away from Thrive over lack of funds to pay sustainability funds.

Can I still donate even if I’m not an active Philly Thrive member?

Definitely! If you’re not part of a Coordinating or Action Circle, you can still contribute to the movement by becoming a Thrive Sustainer. If you’d like to get involved with a circle, reach out to us by e-mailing


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