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Current Campaign: #PayUpPES

The PES refinery breaks the law and makes billions [] while nearby residents deal with illness, poverty, and unemployment. Philly Thrive sees a mandate to interrupt this century-old story so that our children & grandchildren won’t have to pay the price past generations have. There are upcoming permits PES needs in order to continue operating & expanding.

While our government officials could deny certain permits and start defending our Right to Breathe, we know they will only muster that courage if residents decide to first. All over Philadelphia we could choose to act on the reality that there is money for our communities - even when we’re told there’s not.

It’s time for corporations to pay their dues, and the PES refinery is first in line. Ultimately, we will stand together to demand “Pay Up PES!” Our goal is that we will eventually compel PES to fund the transition away from the extractive fossil fuel economy and towards a just economy with green jobs for all!

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Phase 1: Growing the Garden

We need to be ready to show up strong to any public hearings regarding permits for PES. We will spread the word and gather pledges from those who will stand with us when the time comes. We will also hold trainings to prepare ourselves for the public hearings, so we can hold our own and use the hearings to our advantage. Though we don’t yet know the dates of the public hearings, we’ll continue spreading the word about the potential expansion, and gathering support and pledges from community members.

7-IMG_0151.jpgPhase 2: Which Side Are You On?

Once we have grown a powerful “garden” of residents prepared to take a stand, we’ll turn our attention to our elected officials. We’ll focus on 2-3 representatives and appeal to them to support Philadelphians in resisting the deathly impact of PES. At the end of this phase, each elected official we target will have either decided to back our cause, or revealed themselves to be in support of the refinery.

Phase 3: In Development

At any point, we may hear of a first opportunity to mobilize for a public hearing, so we’re not planning too far beyond that. We anticipate a hearing date by the end of 2018, and Phase 1 and 2 will keep us busy until then.

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