We Decide our Energy Future

The government and corporations are making decisions about the future of Philadelphia. They tried to build an Energy Hub and residents had to unite to fight back. They refuse to address the hazards of the existing fossil fuel infrastructure in our city and the deadly impact it has on those who live closest to it. The Office of Sustainability, who’s job it is to take care of the health and and sustainability of our city, is developing a plan for the energy future of Philadelphia, and they’ve barely made an effort to hear our voices. It’s high time that #WeDecide our Energy Future! 

This is a past campaign, which began in May of 2017.

Two-Pronged Plan


1. Community outreach: 

What are the hopes, needs and concerns of residents that live in South and Southwest Philly? By circulating a survey and holding community visioning sessions at places of worship, health centers, community centers, and other neighborhood institutions, we will collect data to answer the following questions:

  • What do low-income people of color that live in the South and SW Philly want to see for the future of energy development, including with the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery?
  • What are the principles that should guide energy development according to Philadelphians?
  • What are the mechanisms by which energy development can protect people on the fenceline of the fossil fuel industry from pollution & climate change and benefit neighborhoods?


2. Government engagement

We have been meeting with the Office of Sustainability, who is responsible for developing the Citywide Energy Vision (CEV). We will be sharing our data from the surveys we collect, and expect them to integrate it into the CEV. We will then give feedback on the first draft of the CEV, making sure that the voices of those who live near the refinery are central in determining the energy future of Philadelphia.



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