When December 05, 2016 at 6:30pm 3 hrs 30 mins

Air: the invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth primarily made of oxygen and nitrogen
Air: to express an opinion or grievance publicly
Air: A short tune or melodious composition

Air 1 + Air 2 + Air 3 = A Breath of Fresh Air, a benefit concert on December 5th for environmental justice group Philly Thrive

Brian Ratcliffe and Rachel Camp will host an evening of live music by stellar local singers, musicians and songwriters, storytelling, booze, sharing space as a community and breathing together in the name of local environmental justice. 

Philly Thrive is a burgeoning community fighting injustice in racist, sexist, classist anti-environmental practices in Philadelphia. We'll be sharing their mission, their story, and their ambitions for climate justice in the city at the concert. 

Here's what you can do:
1. Buy tickets here!

2. If you can't come out to join us in the jam on December 5th, you can donate the price of a ticket directy on Philly Thrive's website, here:

3. Spread the word. Share this event and let people know about Philly Thrive, a group working toward a green local economy and against a future fossil fuel "energy hub" in Philadelphia. You can "like" Philly Thrive on Facebook here to follow, read, and participate in the actions we take toward climate justice here in the city: 


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