When June 16, 2021 at 1:00pm 5 hrs

From our friends at Action Center on Race and the Economy:

Over the last few weeks, Tax the Rich PHL has demanded that the Mayor and City Council invest all possible resources into a full recovery from the pandemic, the gun violence epidemic and decades of disinvestment in the upcoming budget negotiations. But Mayor Kenney and some members of City Council proposed tax breaks for large corporations, parking lot owners and suburbanites instead. When we cut taxes, it’s our public services that suffer.

We’ve called and emailed Councilmembers, marched, rallied and testified at hearings. And we’ve begun to see some results. Today, the bill giving parking lot owners massive tax breaks was withdrawn.

But two more massive tax breaks remain -- and will be voted on this Thursday morning, June 17th. Can you call your Councilmember and demand they use the budget to invest in a full recovery, not pass cuts to the business or wage tax? You can find a sample script and phone numbers below. And click here to find out who your Councilmembers are!


To Call:

Sample script: Hello. My name is _____ and I am a resident of [Philadelphia/your Council district] and I’m calling to remind you that a budget is a moral document, and that it is supposed to benefit all residents, not just the powerful ones. I ask that you invest in a real recovery this year by stopping the proposed BIRT and wage tax cuts. We need all the money possible to invest in recovery from the pandemic and to address gun violence.

Click here to find which City Council member represents your district!

Please call your district member and the at-large members who have yet to commit to vote against these proposed tax breaks.


District Council Members

Darrell Clarke [District 5]: (215) 686-3442 or (215) 686-3443

Mark Squilla [District 1]: (215) 686-3458 or (215) 686-3459

Kenyatta Johnson [District 2]: (215) 686-3412 or (215) 686-3413

Jamie Gauthier [District 3]: (215) 686-0459 or (215) 686-0460

Curtis Jones, Jr. [District 4]: (215) 686-3416 or (215) 686-3417

Bobby Henon [District 6]: (215) 686-3444 or (215) 686-3445

Maria D. Quiñones Sánchez [District 7]: (215) 686-3448 or

(215) 686-3449

Cindy Bass [District 8]: (215) 686-3424 or (215) 686-3455

Cherelle Parker [District 9]: (215) 686-3454 or (215) 686-3455

Brian J. O'Neill [District 10]: (215) 686-3422 or (215) 686-3423


Priority At-Large Council Members

Isaiah Thomas (D) 215-686-3446 or 215-686-3447

Katherine Gilmore Richardson (D) 215-686-0454 or 215-686-0455

Derek Green (D) (215) 686-3450 or (215) 686-3451


Will you come?