Our movement honors great sacrifice and great commitment. We are a grassroots movement: we don’t have access to big money, so we build our own power through the time, money, and other resources we are willing to give. We honor the many sacrifices people make to be in this movement, and the many forms those can take.

We have the ability to raise the resources we need. Everyone in the movement plays a role in bringing in resources to fuel our work, whether that’s spiritual resource, meeting space, cooking food, caring for children, money, or other kinds of resource.

Anyone in a Philly Thrive action circle has access to the following funds:

Training Fund

Learning and sharing skills is very important to our movement. For that reason, there is a Training Fund available to Philly Thrive action circle members who want to attend a relevant training led by another movement organization, in order to bring those skills back to build the Right to Breathe campaign. If there is a training you would like to attend to better support the movement, but you need financial support in order to go, you can request funding support by sending a Training Fund Proposal to the Leadership Development and Training Coordinator.

Action Circle Seed Fund

All circles are capable of raising the funds and resources necessary to take action for the Right to Breathe campaign. To get started on that path of self-sufficiency, every new action circle can access $150 in seed money to make it possible to fund your first steps as an action circle. From there, Thrive has tools available on our website and trainings to help you fundraise for any expenses you may have, and the Funds Coordinator can support you in creating a fundraising plan. 

Special Projects Fund

For special projects in which a lot of money is required in a short time, action circles can make a request for Special Project funds.

Requesting Funds/Getting Reimbursed

To request funds (including seed funds), circles must submit a request for materials to the Funds Coordinator, then bring receipt for reimbursement that corresponds with the request. If you aren’t able to put up the initial money to buy materials, you can work out getting the materials directly with the Funds Coordinator. Requests and receipts can be emailed to the Funds Coordinator at: [email protected]