When June 03, 2021 at 6:00pm 2 hrs
Where Online

Hilco (the new owner of the refinery site) and Evergreen (the company contracted by Sunoco for the cleanup) are hosting their first joint public meeting on June 3rd about the site's contamination and remediation. Philly Thrive will be livestreaming the event on Facebook, and you can also pre-register at bit.ly/HilcoMeeting. We hope you join us on Saturday!


Philly Thrivers have submitted our key questions and comments to Hilco, and we look forward to learning more with you

  1. Who’s responsible for what? What is Hilco responsible for? What is Evergreen responsible for?
  2. What agreements are being planned between Hilco and Evergreen about remediation?
  3. The Soil Management Plan is a key part of the planning phase for the clean-up of the site. What is contained in this plan, and why was the public not involved in its development and review?
  4. A complete, immediate investigation of benzene sources should be made and immediate efforts should be taken to minimize impacts & shield residents from harm.
  5. There are over 100 chemical compounds and metals used in oil refining, yet only around 30 contaminants have been investigated on site. Every contaminant must be accounted for!
Will you come?