In the week before the Christmas holiday, Zalaka T.-B. and I walked through Wilson Park distributing the first-ever issue of the Philly Thrive Review. The print newsletter (now available as a PDF!) contains background information for Thrive and an update of the events Thrive hosted and participated in over the past six months. The newsletter distribution was an effort to spread awareness of Thrive in Wilson Park and surrounding neighborhoods, and to celebrate our recent accomplishments.

Click here to view the Winter 16/17 issue of the Philly Thrive Review!

The idea for a newsletter was conceived by Zalaka and shared during a Movement Assembly meeting in October 2016. Zalaka and I shared duties of writing articles, creating the layout for the newsletter, and ultimately making sure it got out into the world. The newsletter will be an ongoing project, being released quarterly and containing updates from throughout the movement. Please check out the grand digital release of the publication here! If you have ideas for future articles, please get in touch with Zalaka or me.