When November 22, 2016 at 12:00pm 2 hrs

Philly Thrive will be joining Green Justice Philly to continue to pressure the PRPA. They have the power to say no to fossil fuels at Southport, and we must show them we will not go away until they have rejected the proposal for refinery expansion.

The PRPA and Gov. Wolf are going to be making a major choice about Philadelphia's future in deciding how to develop state-owned land Southport. They could develop job-killing oil and gas infrastructure or they could build an environmentally responsible container facility. We know that a container facility would far and away create the most jobs and developing oil and gas in the era of a changing climate is not an option for our children.

We've already had one action to remind the PRPA what the people of Philadelphia want at Southport, now we need to ask them to open the door for a green wealth future.

Will you come?