Right to Thrive Campaign

We the people won back our Right to Breathe from a century of oil refining in South Philadelphia, and now justice is due. Our Right to Thrive campaign seeks to repair 154 years of violence by achieving a complete clean up of the land, dignified jobs & investment in surrounding neighborhoods, and a permanent seat at the table for residents most impacted by the land. As the largest redevelopment since Philly was founded as a city, we will organize residents across neighborhoods and backgrounds to uproot environmental racism during the land’s rebirth so that future generations can Thrive in our city.

Campaign Goals:

1. Reclaim residents’ rightful place at the center of planning and decisions made about the land with Hilco and the City. 

  • Values: Self-determination. Democracy. Transparency. Respect. Communication. Consent. Power in our lives.

2. Restore our health & safety by cleaning up the air, water, & soil to the highest standard and basing all future decisions on the stewardship of those resources.

  • Values: Life. Community. Integrity. Breath. Interdependence. Commitment. Creativity.

3. Create family-sustaining union jobs with training programs and hiring for Grays Ferry & surrounding neighborhoods long excluded from employment.

  • Values: Equity. Dignity. Sustainability. Teamwork. Collaboration. Education. Understanding.

4. Invest financially in Grays Ferry & surrounding neighborhoods to begin addressing the years of racist wealth extraction from communities once filled with thriving youth programs and local businesses.

  • Values: Reparations. Fairness. Economic justice. Regeneration. Abundance. History. Wholeness.

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  • Larry Schimmel
    commented 2023-04-17 09:00:35 -0400
    Good morning.
    I have just seen an article about your organization and the work you are doing to keep the PES facility clean in its new life. I have a couple ideas that might be useful but I don’t see any contact info on any of your pages, so unthought I’d make contact through this comment section.
    If you would like to discuss some clean energy and pollution free ideas that you might be able to bring to the table, feel free to give me a call. (267-481-0553)
    This is not a solicitation nor am I trying to sell anything to anyone.

    Larry Schimmel
  • R Merriman-Goldring
    published this page in Campaign 2021-10-25 18:18:16 -0400