Our campaign’s goal is to unite Philadelphians around our Right to Breathe and win political support against toxic energy hub projects. We stand for:

Health and Safety Over Profit

Fossil fuels threaten the lives of Philadelphians everyday. It causes asthma, cancer, and other health effects among residents, and brings safety hazards such as explosive oil trains and gas pipelines, disproportionately impacting low-income families and communities of color. We shouldn’t bear this burden while oil and gas companies like the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery profit from pollution.

No Fossil Fuel Expansion

Oil and gas companies want to turn Philadelphia into a fossil fuel energy hub, bringing refinery expansion, fracked gas pipelines, and toxic manufacturing to our city. It has always been wrong to pollute communities and the climate, and we won't take it anymore. We know natural gas is going to run out, depends on disastrous fracking practices, and does more damage to our climate than coal. 

Green Economy for All

We have an opportunity to tackle the twin problems of climate change and inequality. Instead of a fossil fuel energy hub for the 1% we need a just transition to clean energy and living wage green jobs that provide for everyday Philadelphians. A green economy should heal the climate while reducing poverty, unemployment, and inequality in our city.