Philly Thrive organizes for a Green Economy

Join us for a city-wide summit on the historic South Philly refinery redevelopment.

We are responsible to the Earth, to future generations, and to our neighbors who have lived at the frontlines of environmental racism for generations – to understand the many issues that Philly’s historic refinery redevelopment touches, so we can fight for justice together. 🌻🌍✨

We the people won back our Right to Breathe from a century of oil refining in South Philadelphia, and now justice is due. In October 2020, Philly Thrive launched our multi-year Right to Thrive campaign, seeking to repair 154 years of violence by achieving a complete clean up of the former refinery land, dignified jobs & investment in surrounding neighborhoods, and a permanent seat at the table for residents most impacted by the refinery. As the largest redevelopment since Philly was founded as a city, we will organize residents across neighborhoods and backgrounds to uproot environmental racism during the land’s rebirth so that future generations can Thrive in our city.

Take action for environmental justice:

  1. Attend an upcoming virtual event
  2. Donate to our people-powered movement
  3. Apply to join our staff!

We’re fired up!!