Our Team

Philly Thrive is a basebuilding member-led organization. We organize in small groups called "action circles" that move forward critical pieces of our work.

We have a growing staff to support members to step into their power.

  • Shawmar Pitts, Co-Director & Policy Coordinator
  • Alexa Ross, Co-Director & Campaign Coordinator
  • Cameron Powell, Membership Coordinator
  • R Merriman-Goldring, Communications Coordinator
  • .O Payne, Healing Justice Coordinator
  • Eric C├ęsar Morales, Resourcing Coordinator
  • Arika Gold-Bustos, Leadership Development Coordinator
  • Ella Israeli, Policy Fellow
  • Derek "Chill" Hixon, Youth Organizer
  • Jason Puglionesi, Building Manager

For press, media, and communications inquiries, please contact R ([email protected]).

For fundraising and financial inquiries, contact Eric ([email protected])

To get involved with Thrive, or arrange speaking engagements, contact Cam ([email protected])