Update: Application deadlines extended to May 17th!

Winning back our #RightToBreathe from the PES refinery was the first chapter of Philly Thrive's work. Going forward, we need more support to keep growing & leading on climate justice in Philadelphia. Read on to see if you have the skills to join Philly Thrive in one of the roles we're looking for!

Philly Thrive is currently looking for the following roles:

Philly Thrive is a membership organization, powered by volunteers working together in action circles. We are always looking for more members! To become a Philly Thrive member contact Membership Coordinator Carol Hemingway at [email protected] or 267-231-9043.

Philly Thrive


We won back our #RightToBreathe from the largest oil refinery on the East Coast. Join us in organizing for a green economy that works for all.