One coordinating circle in Thrive, the Leadership Development circle, is dedicated to supporting other action circles to develop their organization, direction, and goals. 

Members of the Leadership Development circle follow up with folks who have attended a Leadership Training to assist them in creating or joining an action circle. Each member of the LD circle is responsible for supporting a small number of circles, with the objective of supporting that circle to function independently without their help as soon as possible. In order to achieve this objective, we will look to transfer their skills and experiences to someone else in the circle at every opportunity.

Examples of ways we can support:

  • Facilitating early circle meetings, or supporting someone in the circle to facilitate.

  • Listening and serving as a “soundboard” for ideas

  • Mentoring one person in the circle who can play a convening role for the circle

  • Encouraging clarity of tasks and timeline, as well as helping with accountability

  • Connecting circles to resources within the movement, including resources on the website and other circles

If you are looking for support in settling into a circle, increasing the energy and capacity of your circle, or have questions get in touch with Alexa at [email protected]. Also get in touch if you would like to join the Leadership Development circle!