Right to Thrive Campaign

Campaign Phase 1: “Nothing About Us Without Us”


The time around the 2020 presidential election calls us into action to deepen democracy at every level of society like our lives depend on it-- because they do. When the people’s voices aren’t heard, valued, or counted on any decision, the children & the planet suffer. The refinery land’s rebirth, making up 2% of our city, is a critical opportunity for Philadelphians to keep shifting the pattern so communities - not money - drive decisions about development in our neighborhoods and in our government. 


During Phase 1, We The People Need To:

  • Submit 500 comments on the clean up of the refinery before the current public comment period closes on December 26, 2020, and start raising our voices for what we want to see from Hilco, for the land, & our neighborhoods.


Take Action Right Now:

  • Submit a comment on the refinery clean up: http://bit.ly/CleanUpPES
  • Follow Philly Thrive’s Facebook page to participate in our educational programs about the refinery’s clean up starting November 11th and to stay tuned for a survey about what YOU need & want for the refinery land.


We’ll Know if We’re Winning our Right to Thrive During Phase 1 if:

  • Evergreen Resources- the company overseeing the clean up- adds more community involvement methods, and starts involving the public in developing the next contamination reports as required by law. 
  • City Council Representatives- including District Councilmembers Kenyatta Johnson and Jamie Gauthier, and the Committee on the Environment - join in calling for additional methods of public involvement by Evergreen and that lead, benzene, and other contaminants be cleaned up to the state standard for human health in the soil, water, and air.
  • Hilco begins working with the community to find alternative clean up methods to “capping” contamination and using more chemicals during the clean up.
  • Hilco implements transparent feedback from a community survey about how public meetings are run and how they communicate with the public about daily work happening at the site (esp regarding dangerous substances, smells, etc).
  • Hilco sets a goal for employment from surrounding neighborhoods and starts hiring nearby residents for work happening now.



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